I’m a human, susceptible to sickness,
and inevitable demise.
I’m at the mercy
and at the leniency,
of whatever infest me.
I’m full of faults,
lies, and deceit.
I am trapped,
in a never-ending
vicious feud,
with myself,
with you,
and the world around me.
My flaws and imperfections
forever haunt me.
They always will.
I’m the cause,
the root of all my misery.
I’m the reason you can harm me.
I’m the defect,
the mistake,
I live each and every day.
I am human,
you shouldn’t trust me.
I am mortal,
you shouldn’t have faith in me.
Yet, you are human too,
your own flaws,
your own imperfections
will eventually accept me.
I’m a human,
there is nothing extraordinary about myself.
There are 8 billion others,
just like me.
I am human,
that’s the worst,
and the best thing about me.
I’m guilty
I will always be.
I devised,
I designed,
and imagined,
the God that created me.
I’m just a human
but I always expect more of me.
So feeble,
so delicate
and fragile,
hurt so easily.
I am only human,
it’s not easy.
I am a human,
please forgive me.

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